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Senior Barber and Stylist with 30+ years experience

L'Homme...The Man...The Barber... Hass not only is a barber with over 30 years experience, but the art of hair runs deep in his heritage. A 3rd generation barber whose forefathers all were master craftsmen in the art of hair, Hass has a deep knowledge of what it takes to be a true perfectionist. Starting from a young age cutting hair on small stools until he was tall enough to reach the barber chair, Hass learned his craft from his father, who in turn learned from his father. His brothers also followed in their father’s footsteps and picked up the scissors, working alongside Hass the three brothers become known for their perfection, skills and understanding of hair and beards. Hass realised very quickly that being a barber is not just about cutting hair and devoted much time to styling and truly understanding styles and which styles suit which faces, giving him the ability to make people leave his chair feeling like a new man.


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